In November 2000, Apostle Ricky Floyd began to meet with Pastor Sheila and their 3 small children for bible study in the living room of their home.  The Lord instructed him that he needed to convince his family he was a man of God before he could convince the rest of the world of the same.  He was further instructed not to pursue anyone to come to their home bible study, but not to reject those who came.  He was successful in convincing his family, as well as others around the city, as they began to come to hear the teachings and experience the love of the Lord through the Floyd family.  Having no desire to pastor, Apostle Ricky and Pastor Sheila organized the evangelistic “Salvation Revelation Ministries,” a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit outreach ministry.  Salvation Revelation Ministries held youth outreach functions, abstinence training, singles events; children study groups, feeding events and housed families in need.      

Sunday study groups were added to their home bible study and because of growth; the Floyds’ home became unable to accommodate those attending.  In April 2002, The Pursuit of God Transformation Center was added under Salvation Revelation Ministries and services were moved to a local hotel.  Additional growth required the church to move to four other locations and in September 2007, The Pursuit of God Transformation Center purchased a 20,000 sq.ft. two (2) building campus in the Frayser community on the north side of Memphis.



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