Children's Ministry


Children’s Ministries

A church that is not investing in its youth is a church without a vision.  The Children’s Ministry is designed to plant and water the Word of God in our children during the developmental stages of life, so that they will become effective individuals, progress into powerful witnesses of Jesus Christ and grow to be influential leaders in the church and in our communities. 


6 weeks - 18 months: Nursery
19 months - 3 years: Toddlers
4 years - 7 years: Early Childhood
8 years - 11 years: Elementary


8:30 am Sunday Service - 6 weeks to 5 years
11:00 am Sunday Service - All Ages
7:00 pm Wednesday Midweek CLIKC: 6 weeks - 3 years and 4 years - 12 years

Children will:

  • Learn about goals and the importance of writing them down to make them happen;
  • Learn about confessing and visualizing;
  • Write their goals and prepare a vision board;
  • Learn how to achieve their goals;
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