Xcited Youth Zone

The Xcited Youth Zone Junior & Senior High Ministry

"Preparing a Generation of Xtraordinary Individuals for Xtraordinary Possibilities"



To empower teens to create a culture of accountability that will assist them in transforming into the image of Jesus Christ and become a magnet that will attract others to the Kingdom.  This team has been strategically designed, organized, and anointed by God, The Father and Creator, to make church fun, exciting, futuristic and innovative for our teens, ages 12-19.  The purpose of creating this specific type of atmosphere is to create a comfort zone that willingly welcomes, respects, accepts and obeys the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.



To become somewhat of a separate church with full services that will incorporate some of the same ministries but will operate in such a manner that will meet our teens on their level, right where they are.  Discipleship and servanthood is the major focus of this ministry.  We are more than a church or a ministry, we are a TEAM and a FAMILY.  We are preparing our next generation, "Gen X", Generation Xtraordinary.