Our Vision


Pursuit of God Transformation Center (Church) is A Group of Chosen People Who Have Obeyed The Voice of God And Have United From Different Regions, Racial, Cultural, Educational And Economic Backgrounds To Fullfill God's Original Purpose For Mankind As Stated in Genesis 1:26.

We Are Ordained To Help People Discover, Desire, Develop And To Do What God Has Assigned Them To Do.

Our Effectiveness In Soul-Winning, Family-Strengthening, Wealth-Building, Disciple And Leadership Development, And Our Commitment To Prayer, Praise, And Worship Has Propelled Us Into Mega-Ministry Status.

We Are Known For Producing People With Passion, Purpose, Prosperity, Power and Praise.   We Accomplish This Through Touching People With The Love of God (The Father), Teaching People Through The Word of God (The Son), and Transforming People By The Power of God (The Holy Spirit).

We Have Five (5) Memphis Area Locations And Our L.A.U.N.C.H. Network Sends Out Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers Throughout Memphis, Tennessee, The Mid-South, The U.S.A. And The World To Open Churches, Schools, Banks, Outreach Centers And Businesses.